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Website Design

Some web site basic rules

For filenames I won't use capitals. Dreamweaver (version 3 at least) seems to be non-sensitive to capitals but the web is sensitive. This causes problems when links are moved/updated in Dreamweaver.

Spaces in filenames.. only windows (MMMicrosoft) likes them. The webserver (the one we like best) isn't windows. Use an underscore and you'll be safe.

Directories.. always have an index.htm in every directory.. look here for an example of a directory without an index.htm; you'll get the whole directory listed for the whole world to poke about in!

Look about: the best webs are out in the wibbly-wobbly-world. You don't need to copy them but you can steal ideas. The worst webs are out there too.. learn from them even more!

What makes a bad site?..Content, layout and speed are a few things to bear in mind.

Layout: For the best control of where your text/images will go, use tables. For the best layout, use tables. One more time - use tables; they tend to be treated the same by Netscape and Microsoft and really do form the backbone of your site.

Check the design:
Internet Explorer and Netscape (AOL if you're keen) are freely available. About 10% of the world don't use IE.

Different screen sizes:
Not many use 640 x 480, I tend to think if they're using this screen they can't afford me! Lots use 800 x 600 and larger.


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