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What is Apache?

Apache is the most widely used web server software on the planet. It is open source, so tech heads everywhere are trying to break it and update it. It runs on nearly every type of computer with nearly every type of operating system (including windows!).

Why do I need it?

Viewing your web as files through your browser is good, but not as realistic as viewing them on your browser as a served page. By installing Apache you can pretend that your computer is a proper web host and your browser comunicates with it at as such. It becomes more useful is if you intend to run a database or server based scripts in your pages, even if you don't do thois yet, eventually you may want to. It is not dificult to set-up and acts as another tool to help understand how things work.

Setting up... what it'll achieve:

You will turn your computer into a web server. Once Apache is running, run your browser and by typing http://your_computer_name in the browser address bar, your home page will appear. By setting the root of the server to the same place as your remote files directory in Dreawmeaver (define sites), you can put your web site files with Dreamweaver to the server root directory. When you browse to your home root, you'll see your whole website pop up in front of your eyes.

How to set-up Apache web server on your machine:

1. Download the latest Apache code from www.apache.org. Choose the right operating system, probably the windows binary file. Do a default install ie. install to program files\apache group\apache

2 Here is a copy of my httpd.conf file, named marks.conf. You can refer to this when modifying your own.

3 find your computer name in the start menu: settings>control panel>network>identification>computer name. You could change this to 'home' to make life easier. Edit the conf file (httpd.conf) and find and change 'ServerName home' to 'ServerName your_computer_name' save and close the file

4 Start the server... through the start menu>programs>apache web server>start

5 Open a browser window and browse to your computer name. In my case I just type "home" or http://home/ into the navigation bar. If all is ok, then you'll see the Apache message. If not, try entering

6 If it still isn't working check the help files.

To change the home directory open the conf file and find the DocumentRoot line to where your documents will be (make sure the directory exists). Mine is
DocumentRoot "C:/WWWhome"

scroll down the conf file until you see:
# This should be changed to whatever you set DocumentRoot to.
and put
<Directory "C:/WWWhome">

It may be easier just to copy mine. Save the file and restart the server. Refresh the browser and you should see the directory or index file of your root directory.

Still having problems? The documentation for Apache is comprehensive, check that out. The problem is almost certainly in the httpd.conf file. Also check the error-log file in the apache directory.

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