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What is it?

Mysql is an open source data base management system. It sits on your server waiting for someone to ask for some date and then spits it out. Data bases are dead handy. You can store details of everyone who asks you for information for example, or, store a price for each product you sell in order not to have to update the web pages that contain the prices. PHP has some Mysql specific commands for interrogating the database making them ideal partners.


1. Download from www.mysql.com and install as per the instructions.

2. Run Mysql\bin\winmysqladmin.exe and enter a password and name. If the admin box stays open look at the my.ini tag and make sure the base dir is c:\Mysql then hide the admin box (click bottom left). If the admin box is not showing it should look like a traffic light in your system tray (bottom right next to the clock). Click on it and select show me. If all is well the traffic light will be green, otherwise red. This program works or it doesn't.. mine worked first time, just read the instructions. If you are working with PHP and Mysql, the database must be running. If not then it is pointless having the database running in the background taking up valuable resources.

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