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Why Websalive?

What makes us different?

We believe in a value for money, no nonsense product.

We are targeting small, medium and large business for general hosting, web design packages and total solutions.
Our price structure is designed to be simple to understand and flexible, cheap for starters and more expensive only when neccessary.

Our servers run the latest software and are constantly monitored.
The machines we use are not the fastest or the biggest on the market, but then we don't fill them to capacity. You will be sharing a machine with at most, 30 other web sites, which means a very low work load for both the processor and the network interface.

Our software writers have years of experience, whilst our graphic artists are both speedy and talented.

We do this because we love it and take pride in our work. We wish the web experience to be fulfilling for everyone.

Contact information for Websalive
Postal address: Scotland, UK: 113 Comiston Road,
Edinburgh, EH10 6AQ
Electronic mail: Support, Sales, General Information:
Last modified: August 14, 2006