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Web Site Design

Websalive can design anything from a single page through to a corporate presence with database connectivity and server interactivity.

Web site development is approached in stages:

Design and Site creation

There are certain prerequisites:

  • Commitment to the project on both sides.

  • An understanding of the organisation's marketing, business and IT strategy.

  • In the case of e-commerce sites, a full development of the business model for the on-line business.


Planning is the most important stage, and it is critical that it is not bypassed.
Vital questions have to be answered early on, for example:
  • What is the purpose of the web site?

  • How will the web site fit into the organisations marketing strategy?

  • What are priority issues?

  • Who is the main audience and what are their needs?

  • From our understanding of the business needs, we produce a site plan that identifies the content and function of the site
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    Design and site creation

    We work with you to produce page designs appropriate to the business. We then turn the designs into working HTML pages.
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    Programming of content management and e-commerce systems is a key component.
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    The final stage is to set the web site up under your domain name. The site is tested, normally with Internet Explorer and Netscape with the current and previous major versions on a PC. We find that this covers the vast majority of browsers in actual use.
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    Change control

    We understand and expect that there will be minor changes as the project progresses. If the project is a large one we will often implement a formal web based change control system.

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