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Customer Area

Welcome to the customer area. Here you will find how to use your new web hosting package. You will need to set-up your email if you wish to use it.

Future pages will be added here....

How do I set up email accounts?

To set up your email account there are two steps:

  • Set up the server stuff using MailAdmin
  • Set up your local machine to pick-up mail from the server. There are many email handlers available; Netscape, Microsoft, Eudora etc. The following description and example is for arguably the most popular; Outlook Express, which is actually one of Microsplodges better products.

Warning: Outlook / OE is an excellent program (and the one I use) but it has some serious security problems that have been in the news many times lately. If you decide to use it, make sure you always know what any attachments are before clicking on them. Even if they are from someone you know, they may contain a virus that could wipe out your computer, along with spreading the virus to everybody in your address book. If you don't know what it's about, delete it and reply to the sender that you need it sent again with an explanation.

Setting up your email accounts on the server....

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