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Set-up your local machine:
Pop Accounts

Open Outlook Express and click Tools in the top navigation bar.
Select Accounts, make sure that the 'Mail' tab is open and click Add> Mail

The Internet Connection Wizard screen will launch. Follow the instructions on the screen..type in the name that you want others to see when they receive mail from you.. click Next..

Now you need to decide whether your account is to be POP or IMAP. See the getting started guide to decide which is the best alternative for you.

Click on the drop-down box and select whichever you decide (Don't worry if you don't get an choice of Pop or Pop3 accounts. POP3 is the latest edition Pop software, and is shown in this example) and the web address for your incoming mail in the format of your domain name. The incoming Pop server is used to download your messages, while the outgoing SMTP server is used to send your email.
Your ISP should give you the SMTP server details. Click Next.

If the account is a POP or POP3, the account name MUST be entered in the format shown below; accountname%domainname.com (or co.uk etc). If you enter an @ symbol you won't be able to check your mail. Enter your password and tick the remember password boxes and SPA boxes to your preference. If you leave the 'remember password' box blank you will be prompted to log in every time you check your email. Click Next.

Clicking Next will bring you to the Congratulations page - however don't get too excited. There is some more to do before you can use these accounts.

Click 'Properties' in the Internet Accounts box that remains on the screen and follow the directions on the screen.
You have the choice of ticking the box for including the account when receiving mail or synchronizing.
If you choose to leave it unticked, you will only be able to use the account for sending outgoing mail. Mail coming into the account will NOT be received from your remote server.

Next.. click on the Servers tab. It should look something like this.

Make sure that the incoming mail server is using POP3 and the account name has the % sign in it (accountname%domainname.com).

You may need to tick the Outgoing Mail Server box, this will depend on the requirements of the provider.


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