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How do I set up my email on the server?

Mailadmin lets you manage all your e-mail accounts, forwards, aliaises, mailing lists, and autoresponders. It lets you do this all from one control panel.
It also gives you the power to have total control over all the e-mail sent to your domain and how e-mail accounts are setup.

When you register you are provided with your server details: this includes your user name and passwords - keep these safe, you'll need them later.

Access your admin page at http://www.websalive.com/emailadmin.. a screen like this appears..

Type in your domain name (without the www. or http) and your password (this is where you need that email). Passwords are case sensitive - make sure you are typing it exactly as it appears in your registration email. Make sure that you leave the Master Account as 'postmaster', otherwise your login will fail.

The Main Menu will pop up..it looks like this..

From this page select the 'Email Accounts' link..the following page will open..

Your server has been set up with the postmaster account. This account will receive all email sent to your address, unless you set up additional accounts and direct mail to them. To set up additional accounts so that you can receive mail to more addresses click on the 'Create Email Account'link..the following screen will open..

You need to give the new account a title so that mail sent to it can be received. In the example above, an account has been set up for 'info'. Any mail sent to the address 'info@yourdomain.com' will pass into this account. If you want to receive mail at the address 'yourname@yourdomain.com' you should name the account 'yourname' and so on.

Next enter a password. This is your personal password to access the individual account. Don't forget this as we won't know it or be able to access it.

The 'real name' can describe what the account is for (but is not completely necessary).. then click on the 'Add' button and.. you are back at the Email Accounts menu.

..You have created a new account called 'info@yourdomain.com'.

You can keep this account or alternatively, if you have decided that you would like to call it something different, click the 'Delete Account' button and your new creation will disappear into the ether.
To create another account simply click 'Create Email Account' and repeat the steps above.
With the buttons on this screen you can set or change or get rid of the 'catch all' account. In this example, by default, the postmaster will act as the catch all, in other words, all mail to the site which isn't specifically addressed to anyone will end up in the posty's bucket. You cannot delete the postmaster account- it acts as the gateway to your mail server.

You are now set up on the server. Keep repeating the above steps to generate as many Email accounts as you want. The number is virtually limitless and the index or Go User button will allow you to access them quickly.

You must now set-up your local machine in order to access the mail received by your server. You may use Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).



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