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In the future I'd like a FAQ forum, so here we go for starters.

Hosting Questions

What is web hosting and why do I need it?       [top]
When you type in a domain name you generally then see a set of pages making up a web site. Originally these pages would have been constructed by someone slogging away on their computer. Once their creator is happy with the site he then needs a computer that is continually connected to the Internet so that anyone from anywhere can see the site at any time. This is the web space and the site is hosted on that computer. We provide that web space so you can "publish" your web site for al the world to see!

How do I get hosting?      [top]
If you already have a domain name and just require the web space fill out the form after visiting our hosting page.

What does the basic package consist of?     [top]
The package consists of the features listed on the hosting page. As well as the "hardware" you also get an assurance that we will be help with any specific web related problem you may have, provided it is within our knowledge!

How do I pay?       [top]
You can purchase hosting through the online form at the end using your credit card - this is completely secure and handled by WorldPay, a reputable merchant service- (WebsAlive do not receive details of your credit card this way, only WorldPay and the actioning bank) or we will accept cheques.

Does your hosting carry your banners or adverts on my web pages?       [top]
No, none whatsoever - when you buy hosting hosting from WebsAlive that web space will only show whatever you put there.

What if I have a domain name I bought elsewhere and want hosting from WebsAlive?  [top]
No problem, place your order and we will contact you right away with instructions on how to move the domain from your current host or domain holder.

How much web space do I get and what is a MB?      [top]
A MB is a megabyte which is a measure of computer space. You get a limited amount of web space with all hosting packages which means as well as your web site, you can also store data on the server if you wish.

How long before my web space is active?     [top]
The FTP details will be with you within a couple of hours normally. Usually it can take a day or two for the domain name to associate with the web space and then you are up and running!!

Can I cancel Hosting?     [top]
If you wish to cancel hosting this can be done if notified in writing but one month must have elapsed since ordering the hosting. Your money will be refunded less however many months the hosting had been active and less the cost of any outstanding charges.

What is a Control Panel?       [top]
The Control Panel is a page you would log on to and can change email rules, add POP boxes, autoresponders and manage databases amonst other facilities - this is useful if you intend to perform a lot of configurations of this kind. Changes made from the control panel are also instant.

What is FTP?      [top]
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is something novice webmasters sometimes struggle with in the beginning. FTP allows the transfer of your web pages and images from your computer to your web space. There is help in the members section.

What is CGI?      [top]
CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. When you fill out a form on a web site and get a "thanks, we'll be in touch" page afterwards, this has been due to a cgi script. CGI scripts also run counters (devices for measuring the amount of visitors you get to a site), guestbooks, domain name searches! and a huge number of other features you see on the web.

What is Server Side Scripting?
Very similar to CGI, PHP, ASP and Java are examples of Server Side scripts. They Run before the web page is sent out from the server to the requesting browser. PHP is the one I use most. Depending on the parameters sent to the script, the page seen by the browser can be different for each user.

What is email forwarding?      [top]
If you buy www.yourdomain.com email forwarding allows you to have as many email addresses as you wish for that domain. So that means you can have steve@yourdomain.com, fred@yourdomain.com, sales@yourdomain.com, enquiries@yourdomain.com, in fact, as many of those addresses as you wish. And they can all be forwarded to an email accent of your choice. So if your email address is blob@Freeserve.co.uk or blob@hotmail.com any email to those addresses above will land in your Freeserve or hotmail email account.

What is a POP box?      [top]
This allows you greater control over email - for instance if you wanted any mail to blob@yourdomain.com to only go to blob@freeserve.co.uk then a POP box allows this to be set up.

What is an Autoresponder?      [top]
An autoresponder automatically sends a message back to the sender of the incoming message to your POP box - say for example you were on holiday, the autoresponder could be set to send the message - "thanks very much for your enquiry - I am away from the office at present but will deal with your enquiry on my return" - back to the sender of each message it recieves.

What are PHP and Perl       [top]
These are all various forms of web page authoring or ways to get things to happen on your site. They are more advanced than basic web page writing but if you are going to learn any of them or have your site designed by an agency they are important to have as available.

What is a subdomain?      [top]
Sometimes you will have seen a domain name like http://control.WebsAlivewebhosting.com this is a web site within a web site. You simply add a word or words before the main domain name, put a dot and you have another website complete with its own features, email and more. This is handy if you intend to have members areas or various departments to your site. Sub domains are free but we do have to set them up so you have to let us know what you want.

What is DNS?      [top]
DNS are what a web domain name attaches to and shows the web site within that web space. A domain name requires these to function. If you were to move a web site from one host to another then you need to tell the old host the new DNS - they then attach the new DNS to the domain name and a short time later the web site will show at its new web space.

What is an IPS Tag?      [top]
An IPS tag identifies who has control of the domain, if you want your new host to be able to modify the details of the domain - contact and technical contacts etc., then the control of the domain must be changed along with the DNS.

If I get stuck will you help?      [top]
No problem, the only time we won't help is if we can't! There is also a great deal of help accessible from the control panel.

Can I add further features to the space and at what cost?      [top]
Yes - Secure transfer for the sending of sensitive data via a form is available at very reasonable cost. Just email us with your domain details requesting any of these and we will set them up.

If I get lots of visitors will I have to pay more?      [top]
Bandwidth is the amount of accrued data transferred between your web site and the sites visitors - 500MB is ample for just about every web site - should you exceed this limit by a small amount every so often you will not incur any penalties. Additional bandwidth can be purchased. Should your site become a large drain on our resources we do reserve the right to suspend your account until a suitable solution is reached.

Can you help if my site is a success and I need advice?      [top]
If you launch what was initially a small site but it takes off unexpectedly and would like help with quickly upgrading the design or want to know what your site may need to help make it more efficient - just let us know!

What about promoting my web site?      [top]
We can help with web promotion with everything from advice on advertising and we also offer search engine promotion packages - contact us for details.

Can you build my web site?      [top]
Yes we can. We can take on anything from a simple brochure site to a full blown e-commerce enabled shopping site and everything in-between. We are more than happy to discuss your needs starting with an informal, no obligation chat. Please contact us for more details.

How can I contact you?      [top]
Just use any of the methods on the contact page - email, snail mail or phone.

E-Mail Questions

Can I have IMAP & POP accounts?

What if I can't get the outgoing mail server info from my ISP?


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